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Czech Republic

As for giving out Lammas, faving and adding people to my watch list... If I like your art then then yeah, count yourself in... otherwise no, If you ask me to, I will first check your profile... If I don't like it, don't get your hopes high (This also applies to trade for points).

Same goes for me as well, If you don't like my stuff, don't bother adding me to your watch list, or give me lammas.

Man behind it all:

I draw stuff... mostly Digitaly, and in many different styles! From manga to realism... Well If you can call it that. :D

Lil-bit about me...

I am 19 years old, I enjoyed drawing as a hobby since my childhood, but I never took it very seriously... This account was created mainly for that reason. For self improvement as a both artist and a person...
But well, seeing as I am quite a lazy bum that is hardly ever here, It didn't get me too far. :D

You may also know me as Flig.

The 6th House Stamp by neoshizz Dunmer Stamp by Boarfeathers Sheogorath Stamp by I-Forget-To-Forget Stamp 'Dark Brotherhood' by Sharquelle
TES II: Daggerfall Stamp by Nozzer22 Morrowind Stamp by Isriana Custom Oblivion Stamp III by Raephen Stamp: Skyrim by I-Forget-To-Forget


        So, I was pretty ill for last month or so (had tonsillitis which later evolved into inflammation)
As such I was in pretty bad mood, and also felt really tired. Atleast I get to feast on all those tasty Antibiotics my Doc gave me. Well, I got better even though still pretty tired...

       Aye, So I can finally get me a full-time job... YAY! Which before was not possible for I did not have release papers from my University (I need them for some bureaucracy mumbo jumbo and tax reasons).This I would consider a milestone, and a certain improvement in comparison to how things were before, and to how I could work only part time for a piss poor pay.

        So, Yeah that's that... It will basically mean that I will have less time for my drawing, but... and that's a big BUT, I will finally, or atleast I hope that I will, have more money to spare... More money means, more possibilities! First of upgrading my PC. Now my 6 years old budget laptop, Was and still is pretty good for some things, but just think about it!
My own bloody desktop! Muhahahaha ha... ha. That will allow me to work better on my art, As I won't have to enjoy wonderfull lags every 5 seconds, but it will also enable me to finally do more than just low res 3D meshes. I could actually make legit high res sculpts, then texture them, rigg them, weightmap them, animate them! While we are at animating, classy 2D animation would also be made much easier for me (especially as I like working at higher resolution, and such files tend to bloat in size, and lag like mad!).

        Next thing would be more physical... as a physical product... by that I mean actual crafts and cooking, maybe even gardening! :D Again, Things I enjoy very much. And finally albeit this is for much further future, and much higher investments...And much more of a dream than anything else... I'd love to try my hand at smithing, Which is something I dreamed of for a long time. And is something I hold in high regard. And as I have, atleast some theoretical knowledge of the subject, thanks to my past education... I think it might even be possible!

        Now on the other note... I found this little point'n click adventure game called Gibbous... And It looks awesome. If you like cosmic horror by H.P.Lovecraft with some light hearted humour thrown into the mixture, go check it out. Developed by very talented bunch from Romania... I think. Now their crowd funding campaign on kickstarter has ended... last year. But they still accept donation by paypal. So, if you have stray penny that you can spare lying around, It would be a sin not to put it to good use.

Here some screens from demo:
Gib1 by Askhran
Gib2 by Askhran

Gib3 by Askhran

And you can check them out here:

Kick starter :…
Official Website : https//www.  which doesn't seem to work right now, but it                                                                           worked just fine yesterday.
Voice Actor of main character Buzz, and also one of my fav Youtubers... Marshall Dyer here:…
Raw onion is really delicious, or maybe I am just weirdo.


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