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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Czech Republic
I draw stuff... mostly Digitaly, and in many different styles! From manga to realism... Well If you can call it that. :D

Lil-bit about me...

I am 19 years old IT student, I enjoyed drawing as a hobby since my childhood, but I never took it very seriously... This account was created mainly for that reason. For self improvement as a both artist and a person...
But well, seeing as I am quite a lazy bum that is hardly ever here, It didn't get me too far. :D

Piece(s) of Wisdom:

It's hobby... I do it for fun... But why shouldn't I strive for improvement, in things I enjoy?

Listening to well thought-out Criticism is half of Improvement.

This is a big world... Do not cry that there is someone better off than you...
For there is always someone, who isn't as well off as you.

*Feel free to post your critique, I am open to everything.
I understand that I still have quite a long way before me.*

As for giving out Lammas, faving and adding people to my watch list... If I like your art then then yeah, count yourself in... otherwise no, If you ask me to, I will first check your profile... If I don't like it, don't get your hopes high (This also applies to trade for points).

Same goes for me as well, If you don't like my stuff, don't add me to your watch list, or give me lammas.

You may also know me as Flig.

The 6th House Stamp by neoshizz Dunmer Stamp by Boarfeathers Sheogorath Stamp by I-Forget-To-Forget Stamp 'Dark Brotherhood' by Sharquelle
TES II: Daggerfall Stamp by Nozzer22 Morrowind Stamp by Isriana Custom Oblivion Stamp III by Raephen Stamp: Skyrim by I-Forget-To-Forget


Streamed this on youtube... Hands as always suck ass :D
So who is this?

Her name Is Sascha von Eisenhart, Daughter of Noble family of Eisenhart, also known As White Snakes and White-maned Betrayers.
Their coat of arms is a Blue field with a golden cross which is embosomed by silver snake devouring blood red rose. They were endowed with their noble title and coat of arms by King Randal after their betrayal of King Salamir in 50 years war of unification.

Since a young age she's shown tomboyish traits and acted very rashly, oft she'd rather venture into near forests, or train swordfight with her father, instead of practicing more "gentle" arts fit to nobles daughter.

After dissapearance of her parents, and intrigue from rest of her family she had to give up government over her ancestors land, and as such became impoverished noble with no property. She now was alone in this world, which was certainly a harsh lesson.

So she became drifter with no purpose... After some time she happened upon a chance. A holy man of the church and his escorts beset by bandits. With her quick action and even quicker blade she saved the priest. Who has been astonished by her skill and offered her place among Paladins.

Thus she became Paladin Novice. Now while her actions still rash she has grown calmer over the years. This newborn calmness and ability to asses situations helped her many times and now it will help her again to achieve her new goal to rise up the ranks... and become living legend.
Trying to stream again... If you interested check it out...
Starting a legit stream for a first time, might even turn into dissaster... come see me burn alive.
Is anyone up for some Starbound?


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